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20181103 PCI Amazing Race

This is the first event for PCI Amazing Race where, where members and their family can join in the Race. Starting off at Porsche Centre Jakarta, the first obstacle was the tire obstacles, followed by running to the 2nd floor and making our way to the lobby to fill up the questionnaire. Upon completion, the drives make their way to their cars and go to the 2nd destination Clean & Tidy Car Wash.

At Clean and Tidy carwash, participants have to wipe clean their car after being properly washed and also answer another set of questionnaire. This is an activity, where family team effort comes into play to finish drying your car as fast as possible and then make their way to the final destination.

At Arkamaya Culinary School, the last assignment was to icing a Porsche cake. Each participant’s family have to come out with 1 cake, this was not an easy task. At lunch, we announce the winner, based on numbers of correct answers in the 3 questionnaires, time of arrival and also, the grade result of the cake icing. This will not be our last Amazing Race, stay tuned for 2019 Amazing Race!

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