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20180519 PCI @ Sentul Trackday

It’s our annual track day! Placed in the only one, Sentul International Circuit at Bogor. Bathed with the sun, we gather once again to feel the need for speed on track one more time. This is a special event where we invite other supercar club such as Lamborghini Club Indonesia, M Owners Club Indonesia and Maserati Owners Indonesia.

As always we started off with a briefing from Mr. Jimmy Lukita and his certified racing instructors. For the new members, it is important for them to have track knowledge and to go fast with their own pace. The purpose of having a team of instructors is for those new members to have one to one lesson in their cars around the track. This is how we enhanced our new member’s ability to be able to drive properly around the track.

Firstly, we divided the track into 3 sections to do the Time Attack and compile each member best time. Here the members and other car club participants will compete for best time to win prices that’s provided by PCI.

Second, is our Open Drag Race event together with the other participating clubs, our new members love it as this is the only and safest place for them to test the launch capability of their cars. Being able to experience the maximum speed and the braking power of their cars.

Eurocars Group also unveil the newest Cayman series in the family, the 718 Cayman GTS. The black GTS was unveiled beautifully. The 718 GTS models also display a clear-cut attitude: baring their teeth, proving their bite. And never losing their hunger.

To close the day, we provided full open track, for those who wishes to hone their skill in Sentul circuit. This is the best time for new members to try as many times as they wish to gain more track knowledge.

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