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20180331 PCI 7th Anniversary

It's that time of the year again! It's our birthday! We celebrate our 7th anniversary at Artoz, SCBD. We commemorate our special day as we stick together as family for 7 years. This is one of the event that all members and their spouse look forward to.

Our sponsors, Pertamina, Eurokars, Artarindo, and Expel also participate in our memorable night. We give thanks and appreciation to our sponsors, for supporting us in our events.

As always, we open up the event with a speech from the president, the announcement of new committee members, the cutting of our 7th anniversary cake followed by the accounting report of 2017. Through Live music, we enjoyed dinner with the companion of our spouse and members.

We also give appreciation to our old committees, whom help us in the 2017 events. Their time and effort is worth more than we can hope for. We close the night with many bottle of fine whisky and lots of dancing.

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